It’s all gravy

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I was in my early teens when Voyager spacecraft was launched for what was a four year mission to explore the solar system. I still recall fascinating, never before seen close up pictures sent by Voyager as it shot past Saturn’s rings. After a long period of silence, Voyager has recently signalled, 36 years later, that it is indeed outside our solar system, sometime this week. The first man made object to leave our solar system.

Like a bird leaving its nest to lead its own life, led by its own purpose. Its all gravy after that. To track progress, its only keenest speculation. The degree of Keenness matters because, if I may borrow Donald Rumsfeld’s rhetoric, now, its an unknown unknown and as it moves beyond, to exist only in imagination.The bird in the nest is a known known. To know about the bird that has flown, best predictability models matter. Patterns matter. There will be lots of noise from uncontrolled, unknown sources. When I used to gaze at those captivating pictures of Saturn and all the planets, those days there was the Skylab crashing down incident. Around that time I was living in Kolkata (Calcutta) and there was this craze, perhaps in jest, to get helmets to protect oneself from the impending crash. Its funny that in modern times, scientific rationale can easily be thwarted with such emotive responses. Is that natural when a familiar, well understood world view gets challenged and a lot of unknowns enter the picture?

This is the familiar language of big data these days, as popular as it is, and a lot of unknowns. Its all gravy today, for the Voyager, for the bird that discovered flying, and for me too. Through this blog I hope to explore and discover new aspects of our digital worlds, to thwart the known and structured definitions that I have lived by these days, the world of design, user experience, entrepreneurship encompassing Cloud, mobility and big data. I welcome you to join me on this journey and share your thoughts as it progresses.

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