IMG_20130728_181403 My first post explains why UX Gravy. The content is primarily contributed by Sridhar Dhulipala, until we get other like minded individuals who want to share out here. The idea is that over the last few decades, especially since advent of GUI, PCs, point and click devices today we are in the middle of a far more digital driven world and highly mobile users consuming this digital content across the globe. Those initial heuristics and definitions that guided user interface design perhaps hold, but fundamental changes are questioning their relevance. The nature of tasks, how we work, interact, personal lives are all changing and user experience expectations, opportunities are different.

UX Gravy is about whats beyond previous well defined rules of user experience. Its about identifying, exploring, conjectures, evidence pointing to new user experience where our digital stuff has crossed thresholds of easy, ready, structured comprehension. Its about what user interfaces, what contexts, how, why people interact with information and how it is helping them adapt at work and in life.


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